You need help? Well here are few little guides that can help you out!

  • Creating an account. This is very essential when it comes to editing, not that it is required, but it can help you out when searching for this wiki and/or going to follow a specific page here.
  • Learning how to edit. Also very essential when it comes to adding or editing. You can figure out how the tools work and what's the idea for the toolbar on top.
  • Sandbox-ing. If you feel like you're not ready or not clear how to edit or use any tools, you can go to sandbox mode to play around with the tools and seeing how everything works first.
  • Asking for help with admins. If you feel like you have a burning question or a question in general, you can always ask me and the other people here. (It'll also be nice for others to participate in a user role here!)
  • Getting Started! On here are the simple calibers of Wikia itself and for the basic beginnings for someone starting our fresh!